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Jerking off has always been a one ‘person’ show for decades. However, since our regular routines tend to get monotonous. It’s normal to always look for something new to spice up your jerk off sessions. JerkMate is here to revolutionize things.

Despite being a newcomer into the world of interactive cam sex, has been attracting lots of chatter on the internet. The site gets at least 2 million visits in a month. It has a fresh and elegant layout with over 40,000 channels. Are you interested in making JerkMate your go-to site? Then here is an honest review of


What is JerkMate?

JerkMate has one of the most famous mottos: Never Jerk Off Alone Again. More details on Jerkmate Review.

As it is the norm with most people, jerking has always been a one-person show. But, have you ever tried looking for a jerk off partner? The results aren’t only satisfying but glorious. JerkMate is here to make your dreams a reality. On the site, you can search for a man or woman who meets your specification and jerk off with them.

The site has a unique search engine that brings you the perfect man or woman you are interested in. Their search wizard makes the search relatively simple and easy for them to know what you want. There are also different categories on the platform where you can choose from body type, hair colour, kinks and even skills you are interested in.

JerkMate is a free live cam site that features beautiful cam girls. Live masturbation is the objective of the site. You and your jerk off partner get to knock off things as you view each other via live cam. Accessing to the site is free of charge. Nonetheless, you will be required to sign up. Note that, you will be asked to provide credit card details though nothing will be charged from you unless you approve for premium shows or wish to give tips.

What Kind of Site Is It?

JerkMate, as mentioned earlier, is a free live cam site where you masturbate in front of a partner of your liking. Being a cam site, there are lots of pretty cam girls. The site has an estimated 43,000 channels registered on it. However, whenever you access it, you can expect to find at least 1000 available channels. This will depend on your time zone and time. In most cases, you can watch and chat with cam girls at every moment !

There are different types of models ranging from women, men, transgender, as well as same-sex couples. It’s an international site you can, therefore, expect to find models from different ethnicities. You can use this to your advantage to finding the kind of suitable partner you wish to jerk off to. If you have always had a thing for Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian or ebony models, JerkMate is here to satisfy your fantasies.

Also, you can expect to find a wide range of performers skilled with different kinds of kinks. There are those into hardcore, BDSM and even softcore masturbation.

What are The Key Features of The Site?


Free Access

Free account Jerkmate

The primary feature of JerkMate is its ability to use the site for free. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular. Are you bored and lonely? Instead of heading to your usual porn site, why don’t you jerk off with a real person and at the same time? All you have to do is sign up and choose your perfect jerk off partner.



Menu Jerkmate

Advanced Search Tool

At JerkMate you just don’t get to jerk off with anyone. You have the opportunity to pick your dream partner depending on hair type, bod

y type, level of kink, age and lots of other factors. Their search tool is quite powerful and gives you the most suitable jerk off partner.


Opened for All Adults

JerkMate is open to all adults. Whether you are interested in men, women or trans-genders, you can be assured of finding the perfect jerk-off partner here.


Private Live Show Jerkmate

Private Live Masturbation

What happens between you and your jerk off partner stays between you. The site is built to ensure privacy for users. No one else can join a private live masturbation session. Unless you opt to join a group masturbation session is when you can jerk off alongside other folks.

HD Live Stream

At JerkMate, you get access to live stream your jerk off session with your partner in HD. There are no technical glitches on the site. As long as you have a high definition camera and a reliable internet connection, you can get to exploring jerk off fantasies with your partner.


What Can You Do?

The list of things you can do at JerkMate is endless. After signing up, you can be paired up with a random stranger and explore jerk off fantasies. Or, you can choose the ideal kind of jerk off partner you have in mind.

Also, if you have a crush on a pornstar, you can scroll down to the pornstar tab and pick your favourite pornstar. He/she will provide you with enough action and words that will give you a mind-blowing orgasm. You also have the freedom to scroll through the different categories available and satisfy your darkest fantasies.

Categories Available at JerkMate

If you are looking for a more specific jerk off session with your partner, then you can head into the categories available at JerkMate. You will be surprised to see that the site features nearly all categories. Whether you are looking for anal, pornstar, couple, gay, cuckold, mature or dominant kinds of fetishes, you can expect to find them at JerkMate.

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The Bottom Line

JerkMate brings sex cam interactivity to a whole new level. Gone are the days when you had to jerk off alone or be a passive watcher to cam girls. With JerkMate, you get to find your ideal jerk off partner and engage in an exciting live masturbation session.